Leading Manufacturer Of Custom Glass Bottles & Jars Since 1988

Expertise in the production and merchandizing of moulded glass bottles and jars. Specialist in packaging customization with one stop solution. Custom bottle mould starting from 10.000 units.
Factory production capacity
The factory covers an area of 2846,760 square feet, with multiple assembly lines, machines and equipment in the workshop operating 24 hours a day. We are stocked on the 20th of every month to meet the significant supply needs of customers.
One-stop service for R&D and production
One-stop solution from R&D, production, packaging, transportation, and after-sales. We supply many famous brands worldwide, all have been friendly cooperating with us for many years now, with regular shipments every month.
Free glass bottle samples
We offer free samples to help customers research the local market and make bulk purchases.

Wholesale Glass Bottles& Jars & Containers

Our main business includes glass candle jars, scent diffusers, perfume bottles, glass lunch boxes, kitchen storage jars, beverage and juice jars, beer glasses, wine goblets, medical packaging bottles, and other glass products.

Glass Bottles Wholesale and Bulk

Glass Jars Wholesale and Bulk

Feemio specializes in the production of B2B glass packing products

Shanghai Feemio Group is a global trading group limited by focusing on the design, development and production of glassware.We were founded in 1988 and are based in Shanghai, China. There are more than 200 employees. The R&D team comprises product designers from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, and China Academy of Art and Germany. In addition, as well as more than 60 technical engineers and senior managers, and all technical engineers are certified. The company covers an area of 2846,760 square feet and has total assets of $25 million.

One-stop Solution for Complete Glass Products at Feemio

It is very important to us to provide you with a complete solution that goes beyond the product. Our experienced team will be happy to
help you design the proper packaging for your product.
Research and
Increased ergonomic design can be perfect for different people from the visual sense and the use of the grip to make a better customer experience. In terms of production, improving production quality and reducing CO2 emissions are our priorities in R&D and production.
Custom Innovative
It is suitable for artwork for collection and interior decoration.and to enhance brand value and commercial market expansion.
Free Sample
Whether you are looking for a simple glass bottle or a finished bottle with decoration and closure, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our free samples.
Quality Management
Our quality control and manufacturing departments work together at every stage and process, including the entire process from the design side to the production side and packaging.
Customized Packaging Solutions
In addition to standard packaging design solutions, we will also offer customized specific packaging solutions to meet the needs of our customers.
Warehousing and
The company has a strategic warehouse.
With over 2,000,000 square feet of available space.
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Sourcing Glass Bottles & Jars from Feemio

For Brand Owners
As an experienced glass container manufacturer in China, we collaborate with various businesses to transform their ideas into the glass packaging solutions they require. We work alongside you to help define your needs and deliver the perfect packaging solution that aligns with your brand.
For Manufacturers & Suppliers
We have a modern production facility that allows us to provide high-quality manufacturing processes to appeal to your target customers. As a glass packaging manufacturer or supplier, you can trust in our refined manufacturing processes to offer you the finest outsourcing services and glass containers available in the market.
For Wholesalers
As one of the most well-equipped glass bottle manufacturing companies, we offer the highest quality glass jars and bottles at extremely competitive prices. This allows us to collaborate with you, ensuring that you can also provide your customers with affordable pricing.
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Various Options to Customize Your Unique Glass Packaging

We provide custom services for any unique bottles & jars wholesale needs.


We can customize the production of glass bottles and jars in various shapes according to your requirements.

  • round glass jars/bottles
  • square glassjars/containers
  • swingtop bottles
  • apothecary bottle
  • wide mouth glass jars
  • heart shaped jar
  • boston round bottles
  • hexagonal glass
  • tall glass jar
  • bell glass jars
  • wide mouth glass bottle


We manufacture and supply glass bottles and glass jars in various colors, and we can also customize them according to your requirements.

  • amber glass bottles
  • blue glass bottles
  • colored glass bottles
  • green glass bottle
  • clear jars
  • black glass bottles
  • white jars
  • amber glass jars
  • blue glass jars
  • colored jars
  • green glass bottle
  • clear jars
  • black glass jars
  • white jars


Different finish options are available for selection based on your product requirements. We provide a variety of finishing choices to ensure they cater to your needs.

  • frosted glass bottles
  • frosted candle jars
  • Sand glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Embedded glass


We manufacture and supply a variety of glass bottles and glass jars in different sizes to ensure you get packaging options that can accurately accommodate your products.

  • 0.5,  1,  1.5,  2,  3,  4,  5,  10... gallon glass water jugs
  • 5,   10,   15,   20,   25,   30,   50,   60,   100,   200,   300,   500,   750,   1000... ml glass bottles & jars wholesale
  • 1,   2,   4,   6,   8,   10,   12,   14,   16,   32,   64... oz glass bottles & jars wholesale

Contact our R&D staff for a value-added, integrated solution for your product

We will put our custom experience at your disposal and optimize your budget strategy.

INNOVATION: Keep Up With The Trend

In the complex glass packaging market, it becomes crucial to seek differentiation through packaging. A bottle must stand out, catch the consumer's eye, and provoke their desire to buy.To support your brand in this never-ending competition for differentiation, Feemio never stops studying trends
and regularly launches innovations that are new areas of brand expression.
Perfume bottle
The design of this perfume bottle is fashionable and modern, with minimalist aesthetics. Top cut unique, color unique lid. The overall appearance is exquisite and timeless, which is very suitable for modern consumers in 2023. The design of this bottle will definitely stand out on the store shelves, and its luxurious appearance will attract customers who want high-end perfume.
 Essential oil spray bottle
This essential oil spray bottle has a unique design,It is made of high quality materials that are durable and safe to use. The bottle is designed with a wide mouth for easy filling and an adjustable nozzle for precise application.  can be used in aromatherapy, home care, and other applications. The essential oil spray bottle is easy to use and will add a luxurious touch to any home or office.
Dropper bottle
A dropper bottle is a type of bottle that has a dropper built into the cap, allowing for the easy delivery of liquid in small doses. The dropper made of glass, and is sealed with a rubber bulb that can be squeezed to release the liquid. Dropper bottles are often used to store medications, essential oils, and other liquids that must be dispensed in precise amounts.

The R&D and design of products are customer-centric

Premium cosmetic packaging design is characterized by a lower area visually composed of two parts. This double base increases the appearance, uniqueness, presence,
and observational value of the product, making it an innovative and exclusive choice for beauty. We work with you to develop your products,
from personalized decoration to the suitable cap to packaging design to the production process and choice of materials.
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Custom Innovative Designs

And Ask Us About Custom Options
Free Sample
Try it Before You Buy
Monthly shipping volume
20 40GP containers
Style update
600 product styles are updated and iterated every year
Minimum purchase of 1000 pieces, Small quantity trial order available
Customer service
7*24 hours

We provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for your products according to your needs. We will  make any of your ideas possible, from the initial design to the final product shipment.

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