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Glass Candle Jars Wholesale

FEEMIO is a professional glass candle jars manufacturer based in China. We provide the most competitive price for worldwide customers. With 12+ years of experience, we are honored to export 60+ countries and cooperate with 10000+ customers around the world. Are you looking for candle glasses for your brand or wholesale business? FEEMIO is your best choice. Please feel free to contact us! We will get in touch with your needs and assist you throughout the candle jars wholesale/OEM process. 1000 Pieces(min. Order). Factory Wholesale Prices: $0.10-$3.98 / piece.
Empty Candle Jars
Empty Candle Jars Wholesale
Candle Jars With Lids
Candle Jars With Glass Lids
Candle Jars With Lids Wholesale
Matte Black Candle Jar
Matte Black Candle Jar
Matte Black Candle Jar With Lids Wholesale
Matte White Candle Jar
White Candle Jars With Wooden Lids Wholesale
Customized Candle Jars
Customized Candle Jar
Customized Candle Jars Wholesale
Scented Candle Jars
Scented Candle Jar
Scented Candle Jars Wholesale
Clear Glass Candle Vase
empty candle glass vases
Clear Glass Candle Vase Wholesale
7 Day Candle Glass
empty 7 day candle jars
7 Day Candle Glass Wholesale
Bell Jar Candle Holder
bell jar candle holder
Bell Jar Candle Holder Wholesale
3 Wick Candle Jars
3 wick candle jar
3 Wick Candle Jars Wholesale
Candle Tumbler
candle tumble
Candle Tumbler Wholesale
Luxury candle jars
luxury candle jars
Luxury candle jars Wholesale

Various Colors Available for Candle Vessels

We offer glass candle containers wholesale in an expressive range of colors. black candle jars, white candle jars, and frosted candle jars are the most popular colors.And our clear glass candle jars work nicely for packaging poured soy candles.

Various Sizes Available for Glass Candle Containers

Available in a variety of sizes, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 5oz, 6oz,7oz, 8oz, 9oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz,14.5oz, 15oz, 16oz, 22oz, 24oz, 32oz, and also can be customized. If you are not sure what size jar you need for your next candle-making project, contact our packaging experts to find the right container at the right price. We’ll work with you throughout the ordering process to ensure you are completely satisfied with the size and style of your glass jar candle holders.

Various Shapes Available for Candle Jar Holders

We offer glass candle jars wholesale in an expressive range of shapes. Candle Tumbler (Straight Sided), Round, Heart Shaped, Square, Hexagon, Pillar, Pumpkin, Oval, Pineapple, Cube, and also can be customized. apothecary candle jar, bell jar candle, candle tumbler, and heart shaped candle jar are the most popular shapes. And our round candle jars are perfect for both poured and pillar candles.

Various Lids Available

We have a wide range of lids to match candle glasses, such as natural cork lids, wooden lids, bamboo lids, metal lids, plastic lids, glass lids, etc. And you can also customize the style and pattern of the lids.
Candle Jar Cork Lid
Cork Lid
Wooden Lid
Bamboo Lid
Candle Jar Glass Lid
Glass Lid
Metal Candle Lids

Still not finding what you're looking for?

Contact our consultants for more available products. And you can also tell us your requirement, we will help you turn your good idea into reality.

Customize Your Candle Jar

Customize candle jars according to your design. Files format can be AI,CDR,PDF.

We also have professional designers who can help you design and turn your good idea into reality.

Best Candle Jars Manufacturer & Supplier In China

We provide custom services for any unique candle jar wholesale needs.
  • 【Premium Quality Thick Glass】- Made from high quality and thicker glass, lead-free, non-toxic, our candle containers has high heat resistance and high shatter resistance, which is safer than ordinary candle jars.
  • 【Various lids】- Glass candle jars with lids or without lids are all available. And we have a wide range of lids to match glass candle jars, such as natural cork lids, wooden lids, bamboo lids, metal lids, plastic lids, glass lids... And you can also customize the style and pattern of the cover. No matter what kind of lids you want, we can meet your requirements.
  • 【Airtight Lids】- Airtight Lids are available. The airtight lid design with a silicone ring, well airtight closure keeps your candle scent last.
  • 【Capacity】- There are different capacity options for our glass jar candle holders, such as 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 22oz, 31oz, or customized.
  • 【Custom Logo】- The candle jar can be customized with your logo.
  • 【Safe Package】- Our packaging for candle vessels is thick individual paper box and gift box, which will make jars safe enough.
  • 【Unique】- Glass candle jars for candle making, can be used for your own use or business use.
  • 【Food-grade Glass Jars】- Safely containers for candles, handicrafts, cosmetics and food.
  • 【Trusted and Tested Quality】Our candle jar holders have been inspected by a reputable third-party inspection company. Testing report from FEEMIO and the third party are available to each wholesaler.
  • 【Recyclable】- Our candle containers are made of glass, which can be reused, eco-friendly and economical.
  • 【Dishwasher Safe】- Thick Glass - Strong, dishwasher safe, high temperature resistance.
  • 【Modern】- Glass jar candle holders for elegant and luxury home decor. A modern styled unique jar with a beautiful look.
  • 【Multipurpose】- Glass bottle candle holders not just for candle making , you can also use it to store dried flowers, bath salts, essential oil etc. These empty glass jars can be widely applied to making soy candles and DIY Cosmetics, or storing DIY ointments, creams, salves, salt, balms, samples, tea, beads, herbs, etc. to meet your needs.
  • 【Widely Used】- As a perfect choice for candle containers, our glass candle jars are widely used in restaurants, bars, hotels, or dining tables, fireplaces, dresser, living rooms, bathrooms, and other places at home.
  • 【Wholesale】- All our unique candle jar are available wholesale for worldwide customers. And we accept small quantity trial order. Our glass candle containers are shipped directly from factory at wholesale price.
  • 【Competitive Price】- For each of our customers, in addition to strict control of product quality, we are also committed to giving the most competitive prices, so as to obtain more possibilities for long-term cooperation.
  • 【Professional R & D Team】- Our professional R&D Teams always develop new products with market-orientation. And offer customized service of various kinds of candle glasses.
  • 【Professional Sales Team】- Professional sales team with each one is an expert in this field. We can know and deliver what exactly you need.
  • 【Responsible QC Team】- Responsible and serious QC team participates in all processes from raw material quality checking to produce inspecting to container loading.
  • 【Good Service】- Our service includes but is not limited to supporting you as your local inspector, negotiator, forwarder, agency, consultant, and order tracker. 100% RISK-FREE guarantee, if the product is damaged, we will reissue it.

Customizable parts

What aspects of us can be customized
Bottle Mouth
Decorative accessories
Customize your                                                                                                                                                
exclusive product                                                                                                                                                

The Production Process of the Candle Jars

Raw material inspection - storage - weighing - batch mixing - uniformity determination - feeding - melting - forming - annealing                                                                                                          
- hot and cold processing - annealing - inspection - packaging - delivery
Raw material inspection
Hot and cold processing
Quality control



TechnicalMachine made and handmade.                                                                                                          
Anti-thermal shock degree:>=41.                                                                                                          
Internal-stress(Grade):<=Grade 4.                                                                                                          
Thermal Tolerance:120 degrees.                                                                                                          
Anti shock:>=0.7.                                                                                                          
As, Pb content: conforming to food industry restriction.                                                                                                          
Pathogenic Bacterium: Negative.                                                                                                          
Thickness: 3mm-5mm, the bottom could be 8mm-12mm.
ArtworkDesign files in AI,CDR,PDF format Turn Your Good idea into Reality.

Process flow

What is our process?
Various raw materials for glass production are sorted and stacked, and raw materials with large storage capacity, such as quartz sand, are stored separately in the warehouse. Such as silica sand, soda ash, feldspar, dolomite, limestone, mannite, etc. Mixing and stirring as planned;
The melted mating material is fed into the furnace and melted, and the dirty material and glass liquor deposited at the bottom of the pool kiln flow out. The glass liquid flows into the channel and adjusts the temperature of the glass liquid to the temperature required for molding to ensure the molding viscosity;
Formation of mechanized forming, semi-mechanized forming;
Heat Treatment After the glass is formed, the thermal stress in the glass product is reduced by an annealing process. The glass is heated in an annealing furnace to the temperature of the strain point and then cooled to room temperature at a certain rate;
There are hot processing and cold processing. Hot processing includes: heat cutting, heat sealing, molding, and other processes, cold processing includes: polishing, etc.;
Check the processed products according to the standard inspection, eliminate the unqualified products, and find the reasons.



For manufacturers looking to package their candle ranges, you'll discover the perfect glass containers for candles right here. Whether you’re in need of large quantities or small quantities, FEEMIO has you covered.


Our candle jars come with an option to add a lid or can be purchased without. Depending on the jar you choose, the lid options include metal, glass, bamboo, wood, and Cork lids. The lid options are also available for sale separately.



For any option or style that you choose, our candle jars are available in (bulk) wholesale quantities, or just by the case.





Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?                                        

We have our own factory. And Our factory is located in Fengyang County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province.                                        

Q2: Can I get samples?                                        

Sure, we can 2-3 pcs each item for free charge if the sample is available.                                        

Q3: How long is the sample lead time?                                        

We can send out within 2 days if you need the sample (IN STOCK).                                        

Q4: Can we print our own brand?                                        

Yes, Of course. Will be our pleasure to be one your good OEM manufacturer in China to meet your OEM requirements.                                        

Q5: Does the products have CE/ROHS certificate?                                        

Yes, we can offer the CE/ROHS certificated for you as to your requirements.                                        

Q6: What's the Payment method?                                        

T/T, 30% deposit before production, the balance before delivery. We suggest you transfer the full price at one time. Cause there is bank process fee, it would be a lot of money if you make twice transfer.                                        

Q7: How to Place an order?                                        

Please kindly send us your order by email or Fax, we will confirm the PI with you.we wish to know the below: the detailed address,phone number,destination,transportation way, product information.                                        

Q8: What is your selection of shipping method?                                        

1). For small trial order: UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, DHL is suitable.                                        
2). For large order: we can arrange shipment by sea or air or according to your requirement.                                        


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