Customized Candle Jars Wholesale and Bulk

For stock glass jars, the MOQ is 10,000 pieces.
For custom requirements, please refer to the following MOQ:

  • Jars under 100ml - 100,000 pcs
  • Jars in 100~150ml - 30,000 pcs
  • Jars larger than 150ml - 50,000 pcs


FEEMIO Factory Direct, 30+ Years Experience, Professional Design, OEM/ODM
Please note: we are a factory specializing in large-scale production. Therefore, our minimum order quantity is 10,000 units.

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Product Introduction
Product Name Customized Candle Jars
Material Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Marble, Cement
Color Black, Amber, Frosted, Iridescent, White, Holographic, Green, Red, Gold, Blue, Clear, or Customized
Shape Candle Tumbler, Round, Heart Shaped, Square, Hexagon, Pillar, Pumpkin, Oval, Pineapple, Cube, or Customized
Lid Cork Lid, Wooden Lid, Bamboo Lid, Metal Lid, Plastic Lid, Glass Lid
Printing Silk Screen Printing, Decal, UV Printing, Thermal Transfer Printing
Style Modern Luxury
Use Home Decoration, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Club, Set Out, KTV, Cottage, Wedding
MOQ 10,000pcs
Logo Customized
Size 7*8cm,8*9cm,9*10cm, or Customized
Capacity 2oz, 3oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, or customized
Certification Iso9001
Delivery Time 15-30 Days
Packaging Poly Bag + Master Carton
Supply Ability 1000000+ Piece/pieces Per Week
Occasion Wedding, Home Decoration, Christmas, Birthday, Party
OEM/ODM OEM/ODM Service Accepted

Product Features

1.【High-Quality Material】At Feemio, we pride ourselves on using high-quality glass material for our customized candle jars. Our jars are made from premium-grade glass, ensuring durability and safety for both hot and cold candles. They are free from lead and other harmful substances, meeting food-grade standards.

2.【Various Capacities】Our customized candle jars are available in a range of capacities to suit different candle sizes and durations. We offer options ranging from 8oz to 16oz, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your candle products. Custom sizes are also available upon request, labeled in ounces or milliliters.

3.【Extensive Color Selection】Feemio provides an extensive color selection for our customized candle jars. Alongside the classic clear option, we offer a wide array of elegant and vibrant colors, such as red, blue, green, and purple. These colors can be customized to match your brand's aesthetics and create a unique visual appeal.

4.【Versatile Shapes】Our customized candle jars come in various shapes to meet your specific design preferences. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern cylindrical shape or a more traditional square or round design, we have options to suit your candle collection. Customized shapes can be created to align with your branding and product vision.

5.【Premium Finish Options】To elevate the visual appeal of your candles, we offer premium finish options for our customized candle jars. You can choose from a range of finishes, including crackled, engraved, and frosted, to add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your candle packaging.

6.【Extensive Customization】We understand the importance of customization in creating a distinctive brand identity. Feemio provides extensive customization options for our candle jars. You can personalize the capacity, shape, color, logo, and overall design to align with your brand's aesthetic and stand out from the competition.

7.【Exceptional Service】At Feemio, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you throughout the entire customization process, ensuring that your vision for the perfect candle jars is brought to life. We value prompt communication, attention to detail, and timely delivery.

8.【Certification and Quality Assurance】Our customized candle jars are manufactured following strict quality control standards. We hold certifications from well-known organizations such as ISO9001, CE, and FDA, ensuring that our products meet the highest industry standards. Your customers can trust the quality and safety of our candle jars.

glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification
glass candle jar certification

9.【Competitive Wholesale Pricing】Feemio offers competitive wholesale pricing for our customized candle jars. When purchasing in large quantities, you can enjoy prices that are 20% lower than the average market rate. This allows you to maximize your profit margins without compromising on quality.

10.【Secure Packaging】To ensure that your customized candle jars arrive in perfect condition, we utilize secure packaging materials. We employ shatterproof packaging, including bubble wrap, foam inserts, and sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic containers, providing shock absorption and protection during shipping. Fragile labeling and appropriate packing tape further ensure safe delivery.

11.【Global Wholesale Availability】Our customized candle jars are available for wholesale worldwide. No matter where your business is located, we can ship directly from our factory to your desired destination. We offer free samples to help you evaluate our products and make informed decisions.

Raw Material
Mass production

12.【Boost Your Brand with Feemio】By choosing Feemio as your customized candle jar supplier, you can elevate your brand presence and differentiate yourself from competitors. Our high-quality materials, extensive customization options, competitive pricing, and exceptional service make us the ideal partner for your candle packaging needs.

Selection of Colors

Our Glass Candle Jars are all available in a range of 15 attractive colors, black, white, amber, frosted, iridescent, holographic, green, red, gold, blue, clear, purple, orange, pink, brown, and also can be customized. Matte and glossy surfaces are all available.

Customizable Parts

Bottle Mouth
Decorative accessories

Custom Candle Jars

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of custom candle jars, we specialize in providing personalized services to meet the bulk customization needs of our customers.

1.【Custom Candle Jars for Brands and Retailers】 Elevate Your Brand Image with Personalized Designs, Logos, and Packaging. Stand Out from the Crowd with Customized Candle Jars that Set Your Products Apart.

2.【Custom Candle Jars for Event Planners and Organizers】 Transform Any Occasion with Bulk Customization for Weddings, Celebrations, Parties, and Corporate Events. Create a Unique Atmosphere and Visual Effects with Customized Candle Jars, Meeting Your Clients' Needs.

3.【Custom Candle Jars for Gift and Custom Product Suppliers】 Personalized Solutions for Unique Gift Choices, Featuring Custom Printing of Logos, Names, or Event Dates to Create Distinctive Options.

4.【Custom Candle Jars for Hotels, Spas, and Fitness Centers】 Enhance Ambiance in Rooms, Lounges, and Treatment Areas. Create a Unique Lighting and Fragrance Experience with Customized Candle Jars, Elevating Your Brand Image and Services.

Steps to Customize Candle Jars

1. 【Provide requirements】 Please provide detailed requirements, including quantity, size, shape, material, and design. You can contact us through Whatsapp (+86 13386105031) or email us at [email protected].

2.【Quotation and confirmation】 We will evaluate your requirements and provide a corresponding quotation. Once you confirm the quotation and agree to proceed with the customization, we move to the next step.

3.【Design approval】 Our design team will collaborate with you to create the design for the candle jars based on your requirements and brand preferences. We will provide initial design sketches or 3D renderings for your review and approval.

4.【Sample production】 Once the design is approved, we will start producing samples. The samples will be made according to your specifications and delivered to you within a certain timeframe. You can evaluate and inspect the samples to ensure they meet your expectations.

5.【Custom production】 Upon your approval of the samples, we will begin the bulk production of the custom candle jars. We will manufacture the candle jars according to your requirements and ensure timely delivery.

6.【Quality inspection and packaging】 During the production process, we conduct quality inspections to ensure that each candle jar meets high standards. We will carefully package your custom candle jars to ensure their safety during transportation.

7.【Delivery and after-sales service】 We will arrange suitable shipping methods to deliver the custom candle jars to you. We also provide after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction with the products and address any potential issues.

Custom Candle Jars Decoration Techniques

1. 【Labeling】 We can stick personalized labels or stickers on the surface of the candle jars. These labels can be printed with your brand logo, patterns, text, or other design elements. It gives you the flexibility to choose different materials and printing options.

custom black candle jar

2.【Hot Stamping】 We can add shiny metallic foils to the candle jars using a hot stamping technique. This creates a luxurious and eye-catching metallic effect on the jars.

customized black candle jar holders
custom candle jar

3.【Spray Coating】 We use specialized spray equipment to evenly coat the candle jars with paint or colors of your choice. This provides a smooth and vibrant appearance with a wide range of color options.

custom pink candle jar
custom leopard candle jar

4.【Screen Printing】 We employ screen printing technology to directly print specific patterns, text, or designs onto the candle jars. This technique ensures high precision and allows for multiple colors and intricate patterns.

customized black candle jar
customized black candle vessels

5.【Frosting】 Through chemical treatment or sandblasting, we can create a frosted effect on the surface of the candle jars. This technique produces a soft matte texture, adding a touch of elegance and enhancing the tactile experience.

customized blue frosted candle jar
customized frosted candle vessels

6.【Vacuum Coating】 Using vacuum coating technology, we apply a thin layer of metallic or colored film on the surface of the candle jars. This creates a mirror-like effect, metallic shine, or other unique visual appearances.

customized electroplated candle jar
custom electroplated candle vessels
candle jar with extraplated interior

7.【Embossing】 By using heat or pressure, we can create raised patterns, text, or textures on the surface of the candle jars. This technique adds a tactile and textured feel to the jars, making them visually appealing.

custom embossed candle container
custom embossed candle jar

8.【Etching】 We utilize chemical etching or laser engraving techniques to carve out patterns, text, or textures on the surface of the candle jars. Etching creates depth and texture, providing a distinctive tactile and visual effect. This technique is commonly used on metal or glass candle jars and can be customized according to your design requirements.

custom etched candle jar
customized etching candle vessels


Cork Lids
Wooden Lid
Bamboo Lid
Glass Lid
Metal Candle Lids

Match Bottle
Candle Wick Trimmer Hook Tool Set
Candle Wick Trimmer Tool Set
Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes
Individual Packing
Individual Packing
Individual Boxes
Individual Boxes


Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
We have our own factory. And Our factory is located in Fengyang County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province.

Q2: Can I get samples?
Sure, we can 2-3 pcs each item for free charge if the sample is available.

Q3: How long is the sample lead time?
We can send out within 2 days if you need the sample (IN STOCK).

Q4: Can we print our own brand?
Yes, Of course. Will be our pleasure to be one your good OEM manufacturer in China to meet your OEM requirements.

Q5: Does the products have CE/ROHS certificate?
Yes, we can offer the CE/ROHS certificated for you as to your requirements.

Q6: What's the Payment method?
T/T, 30% deposit before production, the balance before delivery. We suggest you transfer the full price at one time. Cause there is bank process fee, it would be a lot of money if you make twice transfer.

Q7: How to Place an order?
Please kindly send us your order by email or Fax, we will confirm the PI with you.we wish to know the below: the detailed address,phone number,destination,transportation way, product information.

Q8: What is your selection of shipping method?
1). For small trial order: UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, DHL is suitable.
2). For large order: we can arrange shipment by sea or air or according to your requirement.
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