Jp Balancing Machine wish you a Happy New Year 2017

Fase growing of Auto parts industry is not new thing, balancing of auto parts is began to be paid more and more attention, if there is an automatic balancing machine, make the balance is simple and fast, do not need to de weight by people , is it better to improve the balance efficiency?


The answer is yes


New upgrade of vertical drilling automatic balancing machine


As China's well-known high-level balancing machine brand, There have been three generations of major changes of Jp vertical drilling automatic balancing machine from the beginning of production to research


Whether the car engine and gearbox as the connection between the car clutch, or the vehicle flywheel, or as an important part of the power transmission pulley, can be used Jp A1LZ1 vertical drilling automatic balancing machine complete balancing task


During two major innovations of Jp vertical drilling automatic balancing machine ,most direct change is in appearance, With a strong three-dimensional, and ergonomic design allows the operator to operate the balancing machine more smooth and comfortable. The new upgraded electrical measuring system can store more measurement data, measuring system is more advanced, can better guarantee the balance accuracy


Auto parts industry must equip - Jp automatic drilling balancing machine


Balanciing problem is that any machine can not be ignored. Maintain a high degree of balancing not only improve the user experience, but also to ensure that the product life, improve product quality


Six features of automatic balancing machine , can better help auto parts manufacturers to create more high-quality automotive components


1, manual loading and unloading;
2,15-inch touch screen;
3, advanced balancing machine measurement software;
4, automatic measurement system that can automatically drill, automatically product re-testing to improve the balancing efficiency
5,Can do more than twice de-weight correction;
6, steel machine structure design, can achieve a very high life


Automobile clutch pressure plate, automobile flywheel, automobile pulley and other auto parts manufacturers, new energy automobile age has come, it is time  for the company to equip  several professional and efficient high-quality automatic balancing machine
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