Luxury Lotion Bottles Wholesale

For stock Luxury Lotion Bottles, the MOQ is 1000 pieces.
For custom requirements, please refer to the following MOQ:
  • Bottles under 100ml - 100,000 pcs
  • Bottles in 100~150ml - 30,000 pcs
  • Bottles larger than 150ml - 50,000 pcs


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hexagonal lotion bottle
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clear square lotion bottle
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diamond custom printed lotion bottle
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colorful custom printed lotion bottles
custom printed lotion bottles
custom printed lotion bottles
cube lotion bottles
cube lotion bottles

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Product Introduction
Product Name Luxury Lotion Bottles
Bottle Material Lead-Free Glass
Pump Material Plastic, Aluminum, Bamboo, Stainless Steel
Color Black, White, Amber, Clear, Orange, Yellow, Silver, Frosted, Green, Red, Gold, Blue, Purple, Pink, Gray, or Customized
Shape Round, Hexagonal, Square, Cylindrical, Diamond, Pumpkin, or Customized
Surface Treatment UV Coating, Silk Screen Printing, Decal Printing, Hot Stamping, Sticker, Label, Etc
Style Classic, Vintage, High-end, Elegant, Exquisite, Romantic, Aesthetic, or Customized
MOQ 1000pcs
Logo Customized
Capacity 2oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, or Customized
Accessories Bottle Pumps, Funnels, and Accessories Sets Are All Available
Certification ISO9001 & ISO14001
Lead Time In Stock, 7-15 Days Custom Requirements, 25-35 Days Custom Requirements, Requiring New Molds And Deep Processing: 50-75 Days
Packaging Foam Sleeves or Bubble Bags, Standard Carton, Export Pallets, Special Requirements On Packing, Etc
Supply Ability 1000000+ Piece/Pieces Per Week
Use Foundations, Emulsion, DIY Creams, Lotions, Moisturizers, Sunscreen, Liquid Soaps, Sanitizers, Conditioner, Shampoo, Etc
Occasion Bathroom, Bedroom, Hotel, Beauty Salon, Gymnasiums, Office, Travelling, Etc.
OEM/ODM OEM ODM Service Accepted

Product Features
1.【First-Class Quality】Our luxury pump bottles are made of durable high-quality thick glass with UV protection, which can prevent lotions from light degradation. With our superior airless technology, the substances in our luxury airless lotion bottles can stay bacteria-free.
2.【Multi Uses】Our luxury lotion bottle can be used for storing all kinds of creams, lotions, foundations, emulsion, eye cream, cleanser, moisturizers, sunscreen, essential oils, liquid soaps, sanitizers, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
3.【Occasions】Our luxury lotion pump bottle can be used in bathroom, bedroom, hotel, beauty salon, office, gymnasium, travelling, etc. And our luxury lotion bottles are perfect gift choice for housewarming, birthday to friends, mother, colleagues & neighbors.
luxury lotion bottle in hotel
luxury lotion bottle in hotel
luxury lotion bottle in shower
luxury lotion bottle in shower
lotion pump bottle in toilet
lotion pump bottle in toilet
lotion pump bottle in bath
lotion pump bottle in bath

4.【Various Colors】Our luxury glass lotion bottles offer a wide range of color selections: clear, white, amber, cobalt blue, frosted, silver, black, pink, red, orange, green, yellow, purple, gray, and also can be customized.
blue custom printed lotion bottle
blue custom printed lotion bottle
brown luxury lotion bottle
brown luxury lotion bottle
black custom printed lotion bottle
black custom printed lotion bottle
luxury gray lotion bottle in hotel
luxury gray lotion bottle in hotel

5.【Volumes】Our luxury glass lotion bottles are available in a choice of 2oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and also can be customized.
6.【Shapes】Round, hexagonal, square, cylindrical, cube, diamond, pumpkin, and also can be customized.
diamond body lotion bottles
diamond body lotion bottles
hexagonal lotion bottle in bedroom
hexagonal lotion bottle in bedroom
cylindrical luxury lotion bottles
cylindrical luxury lotion bottles
cube lotion bottles in kitchen
colorful unscented candle jars

7.【Lockable Pumps Available】Pumps twist and lock for easy closure for transport or storage. Leak-proof portable design, it’s easy to carry our luxury lotion bottle in a bag and travel, easy to use anytime and anywhere.
Note: To unlock the pump, push down and twist counterclockwise. To lock the pump, push down all the way and twist clockwise until it locks.
8.【Pump Materials】Our luxury lotion pumps are made of aluminum, plastic, bamboo and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which all are BPA-free.
9.【Pump Colors】Black, white, frosted, gold, silver, clear, and can be customized.
10.【Shatter Resistance】Our strengthened glass, which is cooled immediately after heating, makes its surface strengthened. Its strength is 3 times that of ordinary glass, thus our luxury lotion bottles have high shatter resistance.
11.【Surface Treatment】We have sophisticated surface crafts for luxury lotion bottle, which include UV coating, silk screen printing, decal printing, hot stamping, sticker, label, etc.
12.【Custom Service】We provide overall customization service, including logo, color, size, style, shape, material, etc.
13.【Food Safe】Our luxury lotion pump bottles are made of lead-free, chemical-free, eco-friendly glass and are heat-tolerant to 240°F.
14.【Refillable】Our luxury lotion bottles are easy to clean, reuse, and recycle.
15.【Certifications】Our glass luxury pump bottles are certified by well-known organizations and obtained these certifications: ISO9001 & ISO14001.
16.【Dishwasher Safe】Our luxury lotion bottles are made of first-class quality glass, which is dishwasher safe.
17.【Factory Wholesale】Our luxury lotion bottles are available wholesale for worldwide customers. And we accept luxury lotion bottle bulk and free samples. Our wholesale luxury lotion bottle are shipped directly from factory at wholesale price.

Raw Material
Mass production

18.【Competitive Price】We provide luxury lotion bottles at favorable prices(20% lower than the average price in the market) as we look forward to long-term cooperation.
19.【Safe Packaging】Our luxury lotion bottles are covered with foam sleeves or bubble bags, packed in thick carton and export pallets, to avoid damage during transportation.
20.【Good Service】Our service includes but is not limited to supporting you as your local inspector, negotiator, forwarder, agency, consultant, and order tracker. We also offer RISK-FREE guarantee, if the product is damaged, we will reissue it.

Customizable Parts
Bottle Mouth
Decorative accessories
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