355ml 473ml Pilsner Glass Wholesale and Bulk

For stock Pilsner Glass, the MOQ is 1000 pieces.
For custom requirements, please refer to the following MOQ:

  • Bottles under 100ml - 100,000 pcs
  • Bottles in 100~150ml - 30,000 pcs
  • Bottles larger than 150ml - 50,000 pcs


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Classic Pilsner Beer Glass
Classic Pilsner Beer Glass
clear pilsner glass
clear pilsner glass
pilsner glass
pilsner glass
wide mouth pilsner glass
wide mouth pilsner glass
Stemmed Pilsner Glass
Stemmed Pilsner Glass
unique pilsner glass
unique pilsner glass
pilsner glass with stem
pilsner glass with stem
classy pilsner glasses
classy pilsner glasses

Product Introduction
Product Name Pilsner Glass
Material Glass
Color Clear, Frosted, Amber, Green, or Customized
Shape Tall & Narrow, or Customized
Deep Processing Decaling, Silk Screen Printing, Etching, Sandblasting, Engraving, Color Coating, Glass Frosting, Pate-surpate, Outline in Gold and Glaze Spraying
MOQ 1000pcs
Logo Customized
Capacity 355ml(12oz), 473ml(16oz) or Customized
Accessories Accessory Sets
Certification ISO 9001, ISO14001, FDA & EU
Lead Time In Stock, 7-15 Days
Custom Requirements, 25-35 Days
Custom Requirements, Requiring New Molds And Deep Processing: 50-75 Days
Packaging Foams, Thick Cartons, Pallets, Special Requirements on Packing, Etc
Supply Ability 1000000+ Piece/Pieces Per Week
OEM/ODM OEM ODM Service Accepted

Product Features
1.【Material】The most common material for pilsner beer glasses is glass. Clear glass is typically preferred as it allows the drinker to appreciate the beer's color and clarity.
2.【Color】Clear is the most common color for pilsner beer glasses, although they can also be found in colors such as amber, green, or frosted.
3.【Shape】Pilsner glasses are tall and narrow, with a slight flare at the top. This shape helps to showcase the beer's color and carbonation, and it also helps to maintain the beer's head.
4.【Various Style】There are several styles of pilsner beer glasses, including the classic pilsner glass, stemmed pilsner glass, footed pilsner glass, and flared pilsner glass, each with its own unique shape and design features.
5.【Thin Walls】Pilsner glasses typically have thin walls, which makes the aroma of the beer more intense, and allows the color and foam of the beer to be displayed.
6.【Stemmed Base】Many pilsner glasses have a stemmed base that allows the drinker to hold the glass without warming the beer with their hand. This also helps to prevent fingerprints on the glass.
7.【Rim】The rims of pilsner beer glasses typically are smooth and round, allowing for easy sipping.
8.【Size】Pilsner beer glasses come in various sizes, but the most common sizes range from 12 to 16 ounces (355 to 473 ml) in capacity.
9.【Durability】Wholesale pilsner glasses are typically made from high-quality glass, making them durable enough to endure transportation and storage.
10.【Sustainability】Our pilsner beer glasses are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice as they can be reused and recycled.
11.【High Break Resistance】Pilsner beer glasses are a durable and dependable option for enjoying your favorite beers as they have high resistance to breakage.
12.【Shatterproof Packaging】To ensure safe delivery and protect against breakage during transportation, pilsner beer glasses are packaged using shatterproof materials such as foam inserts, air-filled plastic wraps, or molded pulp trays.
13.【Customization】If you are looking for custom pilsner glasses that are not available on our website, you can request customization in terms of size, color, logo, packaging, and more. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help you create your custom pilsner beer glasses.
14.【Occasion】Pilsner beer glasses are commonly used for serving beers in various settings such as bars, restaurants, parties, and outdoor gatherings.
15.【Deep Processing】Our deep processing includes: decaling, silk screen printing, etching, sandblasting, engraving, color coating, glass frosting, pate-surpate, outline in gold and glaze spraying.
16.【Certification】Our pilsner beer glasses are certified by well-known organizations: FDA&EU Leachable Lead and Cadmium Safety Report, ISO9001, ISO14001.
17.【Favorable Prices】Our factory-direct pilsner beer glasses are available for purchase in large quantities at competitive prices, with a 20% discount from the average wholesale market price.
18.【Wholesale】Our pilsner beer glasses are available at discounted wholesale rates, and we are willing to accept test orders of small quantities. Furthermore, we offer free samples.

Raw Material
Mass production

19.【Food-grade Glass】Wholesale pilsner glasses we offer are produced using food-grade materials that are devoid of hazardous substances such as BPA, lead, and toxins, guaranteeing their safety and appropriateness for utilization.
20.【Good Service】We offer a range of services, including acting as your local inspector, negotiator, forwarder, agency, consultant, and order tracker. We guarantee that our services come with no risk, and if the product is damaged, we will replace it promptly without further delay. 
Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We have our own factory located in Fengyang County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province.
Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A: Our MOQ is usually 1,000 pieces, but we can accept lower quantities for trial orders.
Please let us know how many pieces you need, and we will calculate the corresponding cost.
Q: Can I request samples?
A: Yes, we provide existing samples for free, but we charge a little fee for custom designs.
The sample charge is refundable when your order quantity reaches a certain amount.
We usually ship samples via FEDEX, UPS, TNT or DHL, and it takes about 2-4 days to arrive.
Q: How long does it take to receive samples?
A: For existing samples, it takes 2-3 days to arrive. For custom designs, it takes 5-7 days, depending on the complexity of your design. We always respond quickly to your requests.
Q: What is the production lead time?
A: Normally the delivery time is about 25days--35days. If we have stock, can ship within 3 days once confirm order.
Q: What file format do you need for my own design?
A: You can provide us with JPG, AI, CDR, PDF, or any other format, and our in-house designer will create a print for your final approval.
Q: How many colors are available?
A: We use the Pantone Matching System to match colors. You can provide us with the Pantone color code you need, or we can recommend popular colors to you.
Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Our normal payment term is 30% deposit after the order is signed, and 70% against a copy of the Bill of Lading (B/L). We also accept LC at sight.

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